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French Pork With Mushroom Sauce Recipe

French Pork With Mushroom Sauce Recipe

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French Pork With Mushroom Sauce is one of my new recipes. I’ve made it for dinner, for my family. Everyone enjoyed so much, i needed to share it with you.

French Pork With Mushroom Sauce Step 1


Take soy , curry and chili sauce and put them in a small bowl and mix them together. Grate the meat with the spice, to your own taste. Coat the pork, on both sides, with a prepared marinade, arrange on a larger plate, cover it and leave it in the fridge for half an hour.


French Pork With Mushroom Sauce Step 2

Slice the mushrooms (never wash them) and take half. Wash the zucchini, do not peel it, and cut them into the semicircles.


French Pork With Mushroom Sauce Step 3

Pour a little oil into the pan and put the frying pan on the fire to warm the oil. After the oil is heated enough, let the meat be fried (leave the marinade excess to the side). Fry the meat at medium temperature, coated. When the meat is brown on one side, turn it, pour a little boiling water, about 50ml, and continue the frying. Fry the fried meat on the plate and keep it warm (on a stove).

French Pork With Mushroom Sauce Step 4


In the pan, where the meat is fried, put the mushrooms in, sprinkle with dry herbal spices and pepper, mix, cover and leave to fry. After the mushrooms let the juices out, remove the cover. After that, when in the pan there is very little water left from the mushrooms juice, pour it on the cut zucchini. Pour the rest of marinade, add chopped garlic and mix well.


French Pork With Mushroom Sauce Step 5

Fry the zucchinis very little, in order to remain crusty, about 3-4 minutes. Serve fried meat and vegetable scoop with mashed potatoes, as well as salad according to your taste.



4 larger pieces of pork neck (boned)     
2 spoons of soybean soy     
2 teaspoons curry soda     
3 teaspoons chili sauce     
spice for grilled meat


1 medium size zucchini    
300 g of mushrooms  
3 large cherry garlic     
1 teaspoon of dry herbal spices     
1 teaspoon of ground pepper

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