Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts Stuffed With Guacamole

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Pound the chicken breasts with meat hammer (to make it easier to wrap it up). Take each part of the breasts and stuff with Guacamole, bend the ends and wrap them all in. Place chicken breasts on the nylon foil and bake over the bacon. Allow the foil to be wrapped in bacon and leave in the fridge to cool and ripen. Rinse off to 400 ℉ . Place the prepared meat slices in a baking tray covered with baking paper. Bake chicken breast with avocado in bacon for 15-20 minutes until the meat is melted. Note: The bacon should be very thinly picked, and one roll of white meat requires 5-6 blanks of bacon, depending on the width or height. It is important that the bacon is fleshy so that it does not completely drip during firing.


After that, make guacamole in the following way: Remove Avocado from the bark and squeeze it into the potatoes, then add the finely chopped tomatoes and peppers, as well as the coriander, the juice and the rye lime jar. Rejoice, beat and mingle.


As a side dish, use this roast served with fried roasted fodder or a mixture of barley vegetables

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts Stuffed With Guacamole | Easy Recipe


2 pcs of chicken breasts (filet)     
200 grams thinly sliced ​​smoked bacon

1 avocado     
chopped hot peppers     (or sweet, depending on the taste)     
4-5 pieces of dry tomatoes     
1/2 fresh tomato    
 1 lime     
2 garlic cloves     
1/2 smaller red onion

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