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Blackstone Griddle Perfect Chicken Wings

Blackstone Griddle Perfect Chicken Wings

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Per your request, we’ve started making a lot of recipes for Blackstone Griddle. This one is for Perfect Chicken Wings cooked on a Blackstone griddle. You can cook almost anything on the Blackstone Griddle or any other outdoor griddle that is available in most markets, but there are limitations. You can still be creative and come up with new ideas—for example, smash burgers, eggs in a basket, and, of course, chicken wings.

Blackstone Griddle Perfect Chicken Wings

Oh. Chicken wings. Chicken wings might be my favorite food. But that is something I will continue to debate with myself. As a child, and a picky one at that, chicken wings were my favorite food. Wings are still my favorite food. Deep frying is my favorite way to cook wings. Deep frying chicken wings until crispy and crunchy on the outside is a great way to cook them.

Deep-fried wings are my favorite, but I don’t think they’re the best. Enter my Blackstone Griddle. The idea of baking wings on the flat-topped surface of the 36″ model seemed impossible to me when I bought it. They would not be submerged in cooking oil. Also, due to the thickness of the wings, it would take too much time to cook them.

I highly recommend that you use this Hennessy Chicken Wings Sauce in combination with these chicken wings. 

Tips for Perfect Blackstone Griddle Chicken Wings

Use paper towels to dry the chicken wings. This will ensure a crisp crust while you cook the chicken wings.

Duck fat spray – Although it is unnecessary to use duck fat spray, it can be quite expensive ($7.9 at my local store is where I found it the most affordable). Coconut oil spray could be used, although I haven’t tried it. Duck fat spray is my favorite because it helps in crisping the skin while the chicken wings cook. It also works great with these griddled chicken thighs

Also, duck fat sticks to the meat better than any other fat. Coconut oil can also be used for high-heat cooking but has lower smoke points. The spray will help your rub/seasoning stick to the meat’s skin. The spray will also help to draw out moisture if the rub/seasoning is salty. This will result in crisp, crispy skin.

Baking powder – This trick was taught to me when I tried grilling chicken wings. Baking powder — While I am not a scientist, there is something about it: if you apply it to the wings, it can help with crispy skin. It does the trick, even though I don’t know how. After rubbing the wings with paper towels, I prefer to transfer them to a bowl. I will spray the wings with duck fat spray and mix the wings up with a large spoon.

Next, I will add a tablespoon of baking powder to the mix. I usually use my hands to rub the seasoning/baking powder into the chicken wings. Although it is messy, it makes everything more cohesive. A general rule of thumb that can be adjusted would be to use about one tablespoon of baking powder for every 3 lbs—of chicken wings.

Here’s a quick summary of all the above:

  • Use a paper towel to dry the chicken wings.
  • Spray with duck fat or coconut oil.
  • Mix your favorite rub/seasonings and baking powder into the wings.
  • — Let ’em rest ( optional)

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Blackstone Griddle Perfect Chicken Wings

Is it possible to cook chicken wings on a griddle?

Yes, it is. Not only possible, but these might be the best chicken wings you’ve ever tried. Preparation is the key. If you’re going to give griddle wings another try, you need to be aware of some culinary tips and tricks.

Tools you’ll need include: Basting cover, meat thermometer, paper towels, and Spatula/tongs — you choose; I use a griddle spatula for wings for quick flipping/transitioning.

Ingredients for griddling chicken wings

  • Duck fat spray
  • Seasoning/rub (For this recipe, I use a mix of salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and adobo seasoning)
  • Baking powder

Now you’re ready to cook them up. It is now time to make magic happen.

How to cook the chicken wings using Blackstone Griddle

  • Start by rubbing the wings with the seasoning rub of your choice. After rubbing the wings with paper towels, transfer them to a bowl. Spray the wings with duck fat spray and mix the wings up with a large spoon. Next, add a tablespoon of baking powder to the mix. I usually use my hands to rub the seasoning/baking powder into the meat.
  • Turn up the heat on your griddle. Although this is a general rule, I believe that high heat is necessary for the Maillard reaction to occur. Perhaps I’m a bit too excited, but high heat will almost shock’ the wings’ skin at first. Once the griddle has reached a high temperature, heat some oil on the surface. Although I debate between olive oil and canola oils, peanut oil seems to be the best. However, I haven’t tried it with wings.
  • Place your wings on the hot griddle. Place them on a griddle surface so that they all have the same chance of touching the hot oil.
  • This is an adjustable rule, but it’s just my suggestion. I will wait for the wings to cook, then give them a flip and stir the other side.
  • After the initial flip, and after a further two to three minutes have passed, I will lower the heat to medium/medium-low and cover the wings in a circular basting cover. This allows the meat’s internal temperature to match the wings’ external temperature. The fat renders faster, which also speeds up the cooking process. The steam from the cover will cause the skin to become softer. However, this is not a concern, according to my personal experience.
  • When it comes to removing the basting cover from the wings, I wait for 3-4 minutes, then flip the cover and give them a stir. It’s up to you how often you do this. After doing this several times, your wings will begin to rise in temperature quickly.
  • An instant-read thermometer is a great tool. My griddle-cooked wings take between 18 and 22 minutes. I will check all wings, especially those that are thicker and meatier. Then I will look for temperatures between 160-165. Because I believe the meat pulls best from the bone, I prefer to finish wings around 170-175°F. Here is my personal opinion. It is possible to disagree with me, which is perfectly fine.
  • When the internal temperature of the wings reaches 160-165 F, I remove the basting cover completely. Then, I turn the heat back up to high to finish the job. To ensure that the wings don’t burn on the outside, I turn them every 15-25 seconds. This will reduce the risk of your wings becoming too soft due to the use of the basting covers. But don’t worry; the high heat on the grill is still available. To finish them, you’ll need to give them the “HARD PUNCH”.
  • This was something I didn’t mention at all, but you might be curious about the sauce. What good are crispy wings with no sauce? You are correct, I know. Please forgive me. Mix your favorite sauce in a bowl and serve it up. Once the wings have been cooked, add them to the bowl with the sauce. Toss the wings and shake the bowl. What can I say but enjoy! Enjoy!

My favorite wing sauce is a tie between melted Butter’n’Franks Red hot sauce and mango habanero. However, you can make it as spicy or mild as you like. Have fun.

How do griddle-cooked wings stack up to deep-fried wings, you ask? Deep-fried wings are my favorite. They are my favorite. Cooking wings on a griddle is a lot of fun. It is easier to fry wings in oil because they are submerged in oil. However, cooking wings on a griddle gives them a unique flavor.

Blackstone griddle chicken wings


Some people have claimed to have used an aluminum foil pan and filled it with oil. They then fried the wings on a griddle. This method has never been tried. I have a deep fryer at home, which I use for deep frying. This is something I might try out for fun. This method does not leave behind an oily smell in your home. It can last until the cows return home. Not to sound like a Blackstone Products sycophant, even though I know that I do at times. They have two griddle models with a deep fryer attached. If you want to deep fry wings outside, I don’t own one.

You can also brine your chicken wings before cooking them on your griddle; just pat them dry using a towel and leave them to dry a bit. Don’t rinse them. Here’s the recipe for the best chicken wings brine

Bottom line: Cooking chicken wings on a griddle may sound like a lot, but it isn’t. These are the subjective, personal steps I use to accomplish the task. These are much easier than I thought. I would love to hear your feedback on this method.

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