Blackstone Griddle T-bone Steak Easy Recipe

Blackstone Griddle T-bone Steak Easy Recipe
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The Blackstone Griddle T-Bone Steak is prepared on a griddle using propane. The versatile Blackstone griddle is a great choice for delicious meals, easy sear and crunchy crust.

Cooking a steak using Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone Griddle is a fantastic way to cook a steak perfectly. This grill has enough space for all the sides, and it can maintain the temperature for perfect searing.

A blackstone griddle is a great way to cook steaks

Flat-top grill steak recipe uses propane and flat top grills to perfectly sear the steak. This locks in the moisture and prevents the meat from drying.

There is more surface area available for cooking, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining an even temperature. The griddle’s flat top surface distributes heat evenly.

How do you grill steak on a Griddle?

Cooking a steak on a Blackstone griddle grill is easy. You can cook most steaks by simply heating the grill to between 450-500 degrees. Once the grill is hot, place the well seasoned steaks on the grill and allow them to sear, in order to develope that nice crust. 

Steak, as with all meats, should not be cooked according to the timer. Cook your meat according to its internal temperature.

Let your steaks rest for 5 minutes after they are removed from the grill to allow the moisture to redistribute. This will allow the meat to continue cooking so be aware of cooking times.

How to tell if a T-bone steak has been cooked

A meat thermometer can be used to help you know when your steak is cooked. By pressing down on a steak measuring about 3/4 inches thick, you can feel its cooking temperature. It will cook faster if it is more firm and less moisture is released when you press.

If you’re in the market, you can find my favorite thermometer right here!

You will soon be able to use your tongs to check the doneness of the meat with a little practice. Don’t flip steaks with a fork. Stabbing the meat with tongs can cause all the internal moisture and flavorful juices of the meat to evaporate.

Blackstone Griddle Steak


Which cuts of steak are the best for grilling?

Althou this recipe is for T-bone steak, you can use it with other steak cuts. Blackstone griddle steaks can be made from any cut, but I prefer certain cuts. For a few reasons, I prefer thicker cuts.

The thicker cuts of steak, such as Cowboy Ribeyes, are 1-2 inches thick and contain a lot more margarined fat. Blackstone griddles are great for evenly cooking the steak and melting the fat into the cut of meat. The temperature can also be easily controlled so that it doesn’t cook too long.

A cut such as a T-bone steak, New York Strip, or Grilled Flaming Steak, although it’s typically thinner, has excellent marbling. These cuts will cook quicker, but they will still be more controlled over the temperature.

Chateaubriand, Filet Mignon or Chateaubriand can still be cooked on a flat top griddle, but these steaks will benefit from a lower cooking temp. This allows you to enclose the surface more easily.

What steak cuts would you not cook on a grill?

There aren’t many cuts that I wouldn’t cook on a flat-top grill. However, I prefer to use the reverse sear method to cook thicker cuts on my pellet grill. This allows me to take advantage of the lower temperature and lid to let the thickest cuts reach the desired internal temp without drying them out.

Reverse searing can be done with a Blackstone griddle

Blackstone Griddles can be used to reverse-seared steaks. This method can be used to cook steaks in many different ways.

What toppings are possible for a steak?

You can top steak with many toppings, including crab meat, peppercorn sauce, steak sauce, and grilled onions.

If you are looking for some ideas on how to top your flat-top grill steaks, I have a few suggestions.

Do I cook steaks well?

If you prefer a well-done steak, I’m not going to tell ya that it is impossible to cook it properly. Most steaks that are well-done end up being tough and leathery after they’re cooked too long.

Many chefs and cooks, both professionals and amateurs, will tell you not to cook steaks at that temperature. It’s just too easy to ruin a perfectly cooked steak.

If the steak has enough margarine fat to preserve some of its juiciness, it can be cooked and eaten. Look out for cuts with a lot of fat, such as ribeyes.

Make sure to get the ketchup ready for your well-done steak.

What side dishes can I serve with my steak?

You can add whatever you like, but my option is a steak sauce, caramelized onions mushrooms, and more.

Prep Time5 minutes

Cook Time
10 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes

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Blackstone Griddle T-bone Steak Easy Recipe


  • T-Bone Steak (or other steak of your choice)
  • Salt and pepper


Direct Sear Method

  • Pre-heat your Blackstone to medium heat. Season the steak with salt, pepper, on both sides and rub it nicely.
  • Place the T-bone (or other steak) on the grill.
  • It will form a crust if you don’t touch it for a few minutes.
  • Turn the steak once and cook on the other side until there is a crust and the steak reaches the desired temperature.
  • You will need to sear the sides if your steak is very thick. To ensure even cooking, you will need to lower the heat to medium low and cover the steak with a lid or dome if it is particularly thick.

Reverse Sear Method

  • Season the meat and place it on a smoker at 180-200F. The steak should sear for 1 hour, aproximatly, or until it reaches 120F.
  • Place the meat on a Blackstone griddle preheated at medium-high heat. To form a crust, let the meat rest for 2 to 3 minutes.


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