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The Best Mango Jelly Recipe

The Best Mango Jelly Recipe

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This Mango Jelly Recipe is a favorite of everyone. You can keep in your pantry and make delicious sandwiches for the busy back-to-school season. This jelly is made with vibrant mango and can be used as a fruit dip or sandwich topping.

I am always looking for healthier dessert recipes. I love keto mason jar ice cream and low-carb cocoa banana muffin. Both are delicious and great desserts.

Recently, however, I came across a recipe in an old cookbook for making jelly from scratch. I was intrigued by the amount of fruit it contained so I decided to give it a try. It does contain sugar, so it’s not low-carb, but it still provides all the nutrients and is delicious. 

So let’s jump into recipe, however, I would recommend you to read the full article for the best possible results. 


  • 2 tins of Mango, (in syrup)
  • 3 tsp of lemon juice
  • 3.5 oz of sugar
  • 8.5 oz of orange juice
  • 6 gelatine leaves


  • Place the contents of the mango tins (fruit and syrup) into a blender and blend until smooth
  • Add the 3 teaspoons of juice
  • For 5-6 minutes, soak the gelatin leaves with water
  • In a saucepan, heat the orange juice with the sugar until it dissolves and is simmering smoothly.
  • Squeeze out the water from gelatin leaves. Add the gelatin leaves to the pan.
  • Let the gelatin leaves dissolve, then stir slowly.  
  • Mix in the mango juice and stir.
  • Pour the liquid to your prepared jelly mold, or if you don’t have one, you can use a bowl.
  • Allow to set in the refrigerator for approximately 12 hours

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The Best Mango Jelly Recipe

Mango Jelly Recipe

I kept it simple as always. I’ve made this recipe a few times to be sure it is perfect. It turned out to be quite delicious. I used light syrup made from tinned mangos. If you don’t have it, you could use fresh mangos instead, and the volume can be increased by adding water. It’s very simple to make and takes only a few minutes. After it’s done, just place it in the fridge for a while.  

Is Mango Jelly Vegan-friendly

Gelatine is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians as it comes from an animal. You can find vegetarian alternatives in agar , and some vegetarian gelatine products at supermarkets.

The gelatine leaves were a lot easier to use than the gelatine paste I used before. It is easy to dissolve the gelatine leaves by soaking them in water for 5 minutes. Then, you can add it to warm liquid.

Mango Jelly Sandwich

Mango jelly sandwich can be used for any occasion that lets you prepare a meal when in a hurry. It’s crucial that parents plan ahead for meals as we move into back-to-school season. It is important that the meals are easy to prepare, tasty, and suitable for children who will be returning to school.

This is where the Mango Jelly comes in. This mango jelly will delight your family with its delicious flavor and make your peanut butter and jelly sandwich even more delicious.

You can see by now why I’m such a big fan of this superfruit mango recipe.

Mango Health Benefits

  • One cup of mango is full of vitamins, especially Vitamin A (35% of daily requirements), Vitamin C (100% of daily requirements) and Vitamin B6 (10% of daily requirements).
  • Every mango serving is free of cholesterol, has optimal amounts of sodium and it’s low in fat.
  • Mangoes covers around 10-15% of your daily fiber needs. And we all know how important fiber is for your gut. Mango also provides high amount of Folate.
  • A cup of mango provides 10% of the daily copper intake.
  • A cup of this fruit has only 100 calories and makes a delicious, sweet treat.

How to select a Mango

The United States has many mango varieties that have different growth sizes depending on seasons. 

You’ll find at least one of six main varieties of mangos in the grocery store throughout the year: Keitt and Kent, Honey, Francis, Tommy Atkins, as well as Haden.

Every mango variety has its own distinct flavor so try different types at different times of year. Each mango can differ in color, ranging from golden to green You shouldn’t rely solely on the mango’s color to tell if it is ripe. Instead, when you take it squeeze it a bit, and you should have a good sense if it’s ripe.

How to Make a Mango Jelly Sandwich

Mango Jelly Recipe

When it comes to sandwiches, there’s not much science. PB&J is an amazing combination. You just need two slices of bread and spread on the peanut butter and mango jelly.

However, if you or someone in your family has allergies to some foods, or is gluten intolerant, there are options to overcome this with nut-free or gluten-free options.

For gluten-free option, you’ll need to buy gluten-free bread. And for a nut-free option, you can substitute peanut butter with some other butter of your choice.

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