The Ultimate Blackened Tuna Steak Recipe

This Blackened Tuna Steak is ready in about 10 minutes and is bursting with flavor! Simply serve it with your favorite side dishes, in tacos, or on a sandwich!

Ingredients:  – Ahi tuna loin steaks – Cayenne pepper – Garlic powder – Dried thyme – Black pepper – Paprika – Celery salt – Salt – Cooking oil

Pat the thawed, raw tuna steak dry with a paper towel. In a small dish, blend all of the spices until thoroughly mixed.


 Spread the dry rub all over the outside of the tuna steak. In a pan over high heat, heat 2 teaspoons of oil.


Sear the tuna filet's larger side until it turns white (about 60 seconds).


Flip your tuna steaks and cook for another 1 minute. This will make a rare to medium rare tuna steak in the center.


Set tuna steaks on a board, slice, and serve with our Cajun Remoulade and scallion garnish.


Grab the full instructions with Remoulade recipe via the link below!