The Best Wet Burritos  Easy Recipe

Smothered burritos are made with ground beef and refried beans and wrapped in large tortillas.

Ingredients Ground beef Garlic & onion Cumin, salt & pepper green chili peppers refried beans tomato sauce enchilada sauce chili without beans lettuce tortillas Mexican mix cheese

Preheat oven to 400°F. n a skillet, brown onion and beef on medium until onion is soft.


 Add salt, cumin, garlic, chilies, beans; mix well. Turn off heat. In a pan, combine chili, tomato sauce, and enchilada. Heat, then turn off. Divide beef mixture into six.


 On a tortilla, add half beef mix, cheese, and lettuce (optional). Fold tortilla into a pouch. Repeat for all 6.


Place in 2 greased 9x13 dishes, seam down. Pour sauce over burritos. Top with remaining cheese.


Bake 15-20 mins until heated and cheese melts.Add toppings like tomato, lettuce, sour cream, or chives


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