Authentic Greek Dolmades Recipe

Greek Dolmades is one of the most popular appetizers in Greek cuisine. Nothing can beat their unique taste, and they're easy to make.

Ingredients Grape leaves Short grain rice Olive oil Yellow onion Ground Beef Salt & pepper Allspice Cumin Parsley Tomatoes Chicken broth Lemon juice

Grape Leaves Preparation: Remove grape leaves from jar, discard brine. Rinse and drain.


Stuffing Preparation: Soak rice 15 mins; drain. Sauté onions in oil until clear. Brown meat, season, and drain fat. Mix meat, rice, herbs, and oil in a bowl.


Grease a cooking dish with oil, layer with grape leaves, then sliced tomatoes.


For each leaf: place shiny side up, add filling, fold sides, and roll. Arrange rolls in cooking dish, top with a plate. Add hot broth until slightly covered.


Cook on medium for 1/2 hour until liquid is absorbed. Add 4 tsp lemon juice, cook another 30 mins.


Let grape leaves cool 30 mins off heat, uncovered. Drizzle with olive oil, transfer to plate. Serve with yogurt or lemon.


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