Homemade Croffle Recipe (Korean Croissant Waffles)

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The hottest street food in Korea is croissant waffles, A.K.A croffle, the subject of my most recent fascination. For those unable to travel,  I thought I would make a replica of this delectable treat at home.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED TO MAKE THE BEST CROFFLE: Croissant dough: As long as you begin with premade croissant dough, making croissants is easy.

Your preferred fillings and toppings:   Butter, honey, or even Nutella can be used as a filling. To make the exterior of the croffle golden brown, once it is cooked, the croissant dough can be rolled in sugar.

FOR SAVORY CROFFLE Ham and eggs and cheese Beans and cheese Eggs and cheese Shredded chicken with cheese Hummus with carrots Hummus with cucumber

GET THE WAFFLE MAKER READY: The waffle maker should be preheated before use and greased with cooking spray or butter.

FILL THE DOUGH To prevent sticking, carefully dust your surface as you roll out the puff pastry or crescent dough. Don’t overfill them; instead, load them with your preferred fillings.

Starting with the broad end of the triangle dough, carefully roll each triangle. (If you prefer not to fill your croffles, just put the croissant dough to your waffle iron once it has thawed, and press.)

BAKE THE CROFFLE Close the cover of the waffle iron after placing the dough in its center. Check the croffle to see if it is fully cooked after baking the dough for around 2 minutes.

If necessary, cook it longer. Even though croissants are delicious, it is unpleasant to bite into unbaked croissant dough.

You can top them with “whipped cream and fruit, yogurt and berries, or honey and nut butter if you prefer a sweet croffle.

Additionally, you might use ice cream, melted chocolate, powdered sugar, preserves, or powder. For a lavish breakfast, the croffle might also be served with ham, cheese, and an egg.

Grab the full recipe with additional informations and tips via the link below.