Homemade Unagi Sushi Rolls Authentic  Recipe

Unagi sushi (Japanese eel) rolls are delicious, rich, and sweet, and are a great choice for a dinner or lunch that your family and friends will enjoy.

Ingredients For the Rice Sushi rice (short-grain) Sushi vinegar Water For Unagi Unagi Nori seaweed sheets Cucumber Sesame seeds Onions Unagi sauce

Rinse rice and cook in rice cooker. Transfer to a bowl; let cool slightly. Mix in sushi vinegar or rice vinegar, sugar, and salt while warm


Unagi: Bake at 360F for 10 mins or as per package. Cut into 1/2-inch strips.


Unagi Sushi Roll: Cover bamboo mat with plastic wrap. Halve nori sheets with scissors.


Place nori on mat, shiny side down. Spread 3/4 cup rice on nori; sprinkle sesame seeds. Use Tezu water* for hands.


Flip nori; add unagi, cucumber, onions, or other fillings. Roll using bamboo mat, pressing as you go. Cut each roll into eight pieces.


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