How to Make the Perfect Pie with Crisco Pie Shortening

Introducing the Crisco Pie Crust Recipe! Discover a versatile and delicious crust made effortlessly with Crisco shortening.

Ingredients: All-purpose flour Salt  Crisco shortening  Cold Water

In a large bowl, mix 2 cups flour with ½-inch cold Crisco cubes until it looks like breadcrumbs.


Add cold water to moisten flour. Squeeze to test; if crumbly, add water. Chill: Divide into 2-3 discs. Chill 15 mins, best if 4-5 hours.


Roll each dough ball between parchment papers into a 1/8-inch thick disc. Ensure each disc is larger than your pie plate.


Fold the disc into quarters and gently place it in the pie plate. Press into the plate and trim edges, leaving ¾ inch overhang.


Your crust is ready for fillings and toppings. Follow the baking instructions specific to the pie recipe you're using.


Grab the full recipe with additional informations via the link below!